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SixtySix Killz Return

On 03.21.21 we are dropping what we would consider our best collective group effort we’ve done yet. #5pe 5th Power Entertainment. Featuring Raven Hunter, Chamber, Bracko, Fphaty Garcia, Ruthless Rob, Kreepy X & Cazkit. Production by Cazkit. Mixed & Mastered by Elijah Rentas.

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Fphaty Garcia’s new album!!!

2020 was an unpredictable year. A year that will stand out for years to come. Unfortunately, it will not be remembered in the most positive light. One major thing put a wrench into the world’s plans. One word…PANDEMIC.

While everyone made their attempts on how to navigate through the madness, Fphaty Garcia found solace in making a new album. Like many, he had his struggles and losses that left him in a state of confusion. However, music (like always) became his savior.

Over the entire span of his career, Fphaty emphasized in experimentation. Fusing elements of heavy and electronic with hip-hop. In 2020, he felt compelled to deliver what he originally set out to do since 2004 (at least once). A 100% authentic hip-hop album. Stripped down. No fusion. ¡PELIGRO! Was made.

With politics, covid-19, & death being major talking points in many households, division became apparent. ¡PELIGRO! addresses the toxic atmosphere of modern culture and society. Covering a wide variety of subjects to make individuals think. To question their very own views. Of course sprinkled with a little bit of lyrical boasting. You know, to balance the severity of said major topics. Remember to find what makes you happy. Find what centers the equilibrium. Find what makes you get out of bed on a daily basis. Just be cautious of what’s out there in the world. ¡PELIGRO!

5th Power Entertainment Proudly Presents… FPHATY GARCIA – ¡PELIGRO! 1/22/21 All lyrics written, performed & recorded by Adrian Garcia except for the following:

  • Track #4 Lyrics written, performed & recorded by Adrian Garcia & Raven Hunter
  • Track #8 Lyrics written, performed & recorded by Adrian Garcia & KD The Stranger
  • Track #15 Lyrics written, performed & recorded by Adrian Garcia, Ruthless Rob & Bracko
  • Track #16 Lyrics written, performed & recorded by Adrian Garcia & Chamber

All music produced, mixed & mastered by KD The Stranger

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Kreepy X – Bazkit Case

5th Power Entertainment Proudly Presents the return of an Underground legend. KREEPY X brings you his most offensive, shocking & unbelievable album yet, with the ALL NEW EP “BAZKIT KASE”. 12 Tracks, presented in their original & uncensored format, completely showcasing the Artists original vision. Featuring long time friends & collaborators Raven Hunter & Bracko, please, join us in giving a warm re-welcome to Kamp Blood’s Own, Kreepy X.

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