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Raven Hunter

This Is Me. In 2020 right as the pandemic was gearing up, Underground Artist Raven Hunter began working on a new album under the working title of "Disturbia". Channeling all the same emotions that the general public was feeling at the time, the album began changing, much like the world around us. Anger, sadness, uncertainty, rage. Raw emotion.
The name Raven Hunter is well known throughout the underground. As a stable voice in our circles since the early days of the Horrorcore forums, he has been hard at work on his craft long before the common days of the internet. Known for his rough voice and street sound, Raven crafts a new album unlike anything he has released before. This Is Me is a raw look at life through his eyes. 2 years of emotions, the good, the bad and the ugly, all laid out for you to ride along with him. Is this album the best album Raven Hunter has yet to release? The many that have heard the album believe so.
With features from known hitters like Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Kreepy X, Chamber, Bvne, Ruthless Rob, Bracko & Your Homie Swoop. Not to mention blazing up and comers like Nick Gibbs, Kxng Blxzzard & MadmanDJRK (Rest In Peace). And the return of Rsun-tr8, this album is almost guaranteed to get you going. This is 5th Power Entertainment. This Is Raven Hunter. This Is Me.